Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Forgotten Camera: Hoainam Tran

Hoainam by his girlfriend
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"Three years ago, my girlfriend inherited the ubiquitous Canon AE-1 from her parents. It already had a roll of film loaded (heaven knows when) so we brought it along with us whenever we remembered. We didn't finish off the roll until this summer. My girlfriend took this photo of me last March at Gooseberry Falls in northern Minnesota. You can see Lake Superior partially thawed in the background."
Hoainam Tran


Adam McAnaney said...

Three cheers for the return of Photoborg! I've been keeping my fingers crossed that this site wasn't dead...


icexe said...

Yay!! I look forward to adding this site to my frequently visited bookmarks.

On a related note: I'm not sure I'd call the AE-1 a "forgotten camera" myself, more like a "classic camera" that ranks up there with the Pentax ME-Super, Oly OM-1, Nikon F, etc... Old, yes, forgotten, no.