Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Snapshot: Chris Gage

My Father by Chris Gage
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"Camera: Nikon D40x, the first day I got it.

"This is a picture of my father, who I was just shooting from the hip, so to say. It's not a solid or good picture by any means, but it's how my dad looks when he thinks I am being dense. His expression is flat and his hands are limp on the arms of the blue leather chair (that's his chair; there's a matching one for mom) as if to say: Remind me: whose kid are you again, because you're much too odd to be mine? He's in his Sunday late-morning finery, with his collar still on, but he's changed into black jeans—and he's not complete without suspenders and a $5 watch. He'll chop wood in these clothes, or take his pickup to the garden store for fertilizer, or walk his blind black Labrador, Ben.

"That's why I like this photo. I would have loved it to be better composed, better colored, better flashed. But I like the expression and I like that the colors and activity make it a busy picture, one in which he is almost indistinguishable from the background, one in which he and blends into the house with his dark shirt and dark pants against a dark chair and dark background except for his bookcase. It makes the photo look comforting, as it's his house and he should blend into it. Mostly, it's only his face and hands that pop out, and in this picture those are what signify his befuddlement."

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clayton said...

A good photo and an excellent commentary. At the age of 60, I can relate to this. My kids are exasperated by my quirks, and I by their denseness.