Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kids: Sebastian Methner

Mika and his Bobbycar by Sebastian Methner
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"A picture of our son Mika (2 1/2 years old).

"It was shot a few steps from our house. These days he was so happy and proud to drive his bobby-car around. Every time we went somewhere, he said 'Mama, Papa, let's take the bobby car with us' (in our dialect from Freiburg, Black Forest: 'Mami, Papa Bobbycar mitnehme'). For this shot I've waited in a crouch to get him while he flits around this curve, and yes I got him, happily focused with my Pentax *ist DL and the kit lens (DA 18–55mm).

"I like this shot, because it shows his happiness of these days. I think that shooting from a crouch was right. This picture has a friendly dynamic in it. I also like that his eyes and expression lets me smile every time I look at the picture. I have made some prints of it for my wife's and my desk at work, and also for Mika's grandparents."

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pathobach said...

This is indeed a good photograph, technically, compositionally and emotionally. We must remember that probably 99% of all the cameras on the world were made for us to make pictures like this. Isn't that so?