Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Personal Meaning: Wes Norman

Genevieve and Me by Wes Norman
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"I am submitting a photo of my 95-year-old aunt and me, taken when I was visiting during the past summer. Each year, I spend about three weeks with my brother and his wife in southern Illinois. While there we have several family dinners, and this picture was taken at the end of one of those gatherings. Just as my aunt and her son were leaving (we were on the front porch), I said I would like to have a picture taken with my aunt. My cousin took the picture, with my camera. This aunt has always been my favorite aunt and is now the only one I have left. She is bright, active and a whole lot of fun to be with. I just wanted to have something to look at and to enjoy each day. I printed an 8x10 for her and she was delighted."

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