Saturday, January 26, 2008

Camera I.D.—Just In Case

After reading this wonderful story about a family of amateur photo-detectives in New York City who worked long and hard to return a lost camera to an Australian tourist, Chris Savery made a smart suggestion: Try putting your email address someplace unobtrusive on your camera, such as inside the memory-card bay door.

That way, in case some good Samaritan wants to return your lost camera to you, they'll have an easier time doing so.

UPDATE September 16th, 2008—Very sad, because it was a lovely story, but the link had been broken now. It was about a family in New York city who worked long and hard to return a lost camera to its owner in Australia. Oh well—the advice above is still good.

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Salviano Jr said...

There is an interesting site for who found lost cameras or memory cards (and films I suppose).

The idea is emailing pictures of the found camera to a blog, where people can see and recognize.

They have a lot of success stories.